Saturday, January 30, 2010

25/365 & 26/365...Barn and Pasta

Monday 1/25/10...
On my way back out Mond
ay to the store I had to stop and take this photo. Some days around here the sun makes everything so beautiful. Even an old dairy barn. I love where I live. The fields, the cows, the barns... Such a wonderful place.

Tuesday 1/26/10...
Another LifeChange dinner. Baked Pasta this week. Not sure what we'll have for next week. I tried out a new recipe on the kids, Chicken Pot Pie. They really seemed to like it. I told them I would add it to the menu rotation.

Wednesday we had a funeral at our Church for a precious lady who passed away on Sunday. While we will miss her she in no longer in pain and is where she would most want to be.

Thursday 01/28/10... His Provision

Thursday we helped at the Food House for His Provision. Lots of people to help out and lots of people who needed help.

Friday 01/29/10... Celebrated my Birthday! How do we celebrate around here? By staying in and watching movies. Well, actually today too, we got snowed in had nowhere else to go today.

So this is another look into my life. I need a nap after reading this again.


  1. Looks like a great week! Love the barn pic! Looks like artwork!

  2. I agree, the barn picture does indeed look like artwork. I also love the Food House picture. So nice to see people helping.

  3. All your pictures are beautiful! The barn picture would make a great puzzle. March is coming up and Cindy Havens might need a few more puzzles if the snow keeps up (hint, hint we know that March marks the Cindy Havens birthday month, it is an official holiday LOL). Carolyn H